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Our eight distinct branding and design practices provide our clients with a broad range of brand consulting and creative expertise. If a client requires a corporate brand strategy, the development of a new corporate or product name, a packaging redesign, the creation of a new website, new retail environment, or all of the above, our eight practices give us the flexibility to integrate our services according to our clients’ needs.

EBOX® offers the following in graphic design and innovative advertising ideas:

  • Intelligent, Practical visual solutions: Our designers — specialists in corporate branding, consumer products, interactive, print and environments — always seek to break new ground in a client's own branding system or in its markets. Their mission, however, is not merely to innovate or to be different just to be different. Our designers' goal is also to conceive a big idea and communicate it memorably, in a way that is consistent with a client's strategies and objectives. And importantly, from conception through execution, our designers strive to create design solutions that are practical, straightforward and capable of being implemented efficiently.

  • Corporate Identity: The fundamental step in marketing any organization is the development of a comprehensive corporate identity that reflects the organization’s values and projects the correct image to potential customers and the commercial community as a whole.

A corporate identity is the cornerstone of any successful marketing program and it forms the first step in developing an effective positioning strategy. In the real world, your logo will say a lot about who you are before you even get a chance to say what you do or how well you do it.

  • Below the Line: Most companies treat below-the-line items such as brochures, leaflets, sales kits and point of sale as an afterthought. Not at EBOX®! Our professional designers actually specialize in producing highly effective collateral material that grabs attention, informs the reader and in the final analysis, makes the sale. We are constantly exploring new printing techniques and materials to ensure that your collateral is fresh, innovative and like nothing your customer has ever seen before. We don’t just think “out of the Box”, WE LIVE THERE!

  • Advertising: EBOX® is a world class, full-service, digitally focused advertising & communications company. Each department is comprised of communication specialists devoted to making a difference for our clients. Together, sharing insight and information, knowledge and know-how, we are accountable for targeting audiences with accuracy and thought-provoking messages. From producing logo/branding images to fully integrated multimedia marketing campaigns, EBOX® uses the latest combination of media technology to facilitate the successful delivery of fresh ideas to the right target audience.