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EBOX® CMS Content Management System (CMS) is a powerful, comprehensive tool for managing the content across your intranet, extranet and websites. The EBOX® CMS compares with leading web content management systems from around the world.

EBOX CMS has been developed and enhanced built on 8 years of experience, and feedback from clients in the Saudi market. It is a customizable and fully comprehensive application, allowing for complete control of all website content by non-technical staff with complete ease.

  • Marketing Ownership: Our CMS has the architecture, power and personal usability to work within any organization and processes, and deliver results for you.

  • A dazzling user interface, creating stunning results: EBOX® CMS authoring interface represents a breakthrough in usability and design, and offers unrivaled ease of use. No matter what skill level your content editors have, they’ll be easily managing their EBOX® CMS website in minutes.

  • Next generation usability: EBOX® CMS Page Editor Technology provides a role-based interface that delivers exactly the right amount of capability to a user based on their needs. By segmenting users into different roles, the CMS automatically tailors the user interface to present the right amount of capabilities to the right user.

  • Page Designer: Content on the fly Page Designer gives your entire team the ability to adjust parts of a page, or an entire webpage.

  • Breakthrough marketing capabilities – integrated with web CMS: EBOX® CMS Online Marketing Suite provides advanced online marketing capabilities, rich analytics and marketing automation – unified with your we EBOX® CMS Online Marketing Suite provides advanced online marketing

    capabilities, rich analytics and marketing automation – unified with your web CMS. This unique combination allows you to optimize your website without the time and costs of third party tools.

  • Powerful development platform: Based on the latest Microsoft technology EBOX® CMS provides a world-class development platform that gives Developers unprecedented freedom and powerful tools to deliver truly amazing applications and site capabilities.

    From day one, EBOX® CMS has been totally committed to the .NET framework, and we’ve been the leader in Microsoft compatibility for web CMS, rapidly staying current with the latest releases of .NET, Visual Studio, SQL Server and Windows Server. As a technology, the EBOX® CMS application has been a Rich Internet Application (RIA) long before most people heard of the term, allowing developers incredible power all within a browser interface.

  • Multi-language: Flexibility Multi-language management is a cornerstone to the EBOX® CMS architecture, and is integrated into all aspects of content and site management.

        EBOX CMS offers the following features and benefits:

  • Easily and quickly manage, update, delete, and add any part of any section in the website. s to all of them at once.
  • Answer questions sent by visitors, and have the reply sent to the user and published on the FAQs page of the website at the same time.
  • Post updated job vacancies on the website.