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At EBOX®, we understand how to use the internet as a marketing tool and how to use its communication potential to target and sell our clients' information.

EBOX® develops interactive marketing communications for various businesses. This new digital media is hard-hitting, compelling and effective. We provide a wide variety of expert internet and traditional advertising and marketing services.

Once your website is completed and online, the work doesn’t stop there. Visitors will not miraculously be drawn to your website unless you draw them there. Some of the strategies our marketing specialist’s can employ are as follows:

  • Brand Building: At EBOX®, we focus on unifying marketing, advertising and design criteria in the process of building a brand. This effective approach utilizes both technology and design to come out with the best marketing strategies that give your brand the same image online as they have offline. Brand servicing includes the creation of:

    Brand Strategy
    Brand Identity
    Web Design and User
    Experience Environmental Design

  • Social Media Management: EBOX’s Social Networking Management services are customized to suit your business of any magnitude and encompass leveraging social networking engagement and monitoring for lucrative results.

    Our social network management services include:

    • Creating and modifying profiles, according to the company’s products, services and target market.

    • Channelizing the social activity like posts, comments and forum discussions.

    • Supplying fresh content deliverables depending on the platform namely videos, reviews, blogs and podcasts among others.

    Our specialized services include the following social sites:

    • Facebook Management Services

    • Twitter Management Services

    • LinkedIn Management Services

  • Online Branding & Channel Management:the need for flexible ways to ensure the delivery of all your sales messages is a must. Your marketing message should always be clear with a multitude of outlets. We offer online technologies that focus on sending out one consistent and effective sales message, that will boost your brand building strategy, and create customer loyalty to the brands, products, and services offered by your company.

    • Strategic SEO Campaigns (Search Engine Optimization)
    • Electronic Newsletter Advertising
    • Opt-In Targeted Bulk Email Campaigns
    • Banner/Button Ad Creation and Placement
    • Interactive Digital Media
    • Strategic Link Campaigns
    • Editorial / Information / Corporate Design Systems
    • Creative Copywriting for Marketing Communications

  • Monitoring Results: The statistics on your site are regularly reviewed to monitor the success of your marketing strategy. Modifications are made to the strategy in order to constantly improve the performance of the site.