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In today's highly competitive business environment, there is a high demand for cost cutting measures, efficiency, and speed and accuracy of communication among companies and individuals.

As a leader in digital business solutions, providing unique, creative, and valuable services to our clients. EBOX®offers complete hard-hitting enterprise technology solutions for Government and Enterprise in Saudi and the region.

The offering ranges from standard Document and Workflow solutions to Customized applications and Government E-Services. Including:-

  • Business Process Management (BPM)/Workflow Solutions
  • Customer Relation Management
  • Archiving & Content Management Solutions
  • HR Management
  • Microsoft Business Solutions
  • Internet and Intranet Portal Development
  • Custom Developed Solutions
  • Integration Services
  • Project Management
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Hardware and SLA

In Addition EBOX®® provides core government applications like GRP and Administration Systems. GRP is a full Financial and Administration system tailored for public needs in the region. It’s composed of a number of modules namely: Financials, Budgeting, HR and Payroll, Contract and Purchasing, Inventory, Housing, Fleet Management.

The benefits that our solutions can offer are immediate and obvious, and are as varied and wide-ranging as the organizations investing in and deploying them. Including:-

  • Enhance communications: Communications become more effective and general operations run more smoothly. This will enable large organizations that have personnel over a large geographic area, to distribute information quickly, effectively and with basic security.
  • Drive collaboration: a "paperless" and interactive form of distributing information and communication among employees.
  • Productivity: improve productivity, speed up products and improve quality by providing a more efficient way to disseminate information among employees at a minimal cost, time and effort

Through its expertise and partners, EBOX® has delivered distinguished Nationwide Projects and provided added value services to major government entities.

With EBOX® as your company's technology partner, you can rest assured your Internet and technology needs are in good hands.