Mr. Adnan Meer Ali

EBOX® has constantly provided us with exceptional services that have always met our requirements. We were impressed with the amount of experience they possess. They frequently adjusted our website when we required alterations. They developed an interactive game on it. It was easy to reach them on all communication fronts because they were available at all times. We would say we have solely witnessed professionalism, punctuality, and precision from them. EBOX® have been maintaining our website since 2006. Working with them is a pleasure, and we certainly do recommend them to other companies.

Mr. Omar Ahmed Ba-Suliman

It has been truly refreshing to work with a Digital company like EBOX®. They often exceed our expectations by taking initiatives, and being proactive partners to help achieve our objectives. We are provided an excellent support and maintenance for our website. What I like the most about them is their fast responses and prompt actions to our emails and request for updates.

We really appreciate their attention and their dedication to Amana website.

Mr. Mohammed Bava

As an Infrastructure Manager in Petromin Corporation, Petromin Nissan and other ADG group of companies had a privilege to work closely with EBOX® team since 2009. We’ve been involved in various projects namely Web development, hosting, cloud security, management and more. During the tenure faced some very tight schedule and lots of pressure from management for various services requested from Petromin Manager and successfully completed with the team and they were willing to extend support without looking to contractual time limitation and other stoppers in normal companies in same field.

Appreciate their caliber, willingness and profession execution for the projects in the future and am sure EBOX® team capable of handing much more complicated projects in the future.

Mr. Majed Al-Heji

We are very thrilled to work with EBOX® since 2008. Their professionalism and timely support render the best results in our numerous projects like Alandalus Property, Hayat Mall and Alandalus Mall websites. It was a real partnership throughout the project. They also managed our data-center from one location to another, our server migration was a complete success because of the technical acumen and devotion of the EBOX® team. They were simply outstanding and their services is highly appraised and recommended.

Mr. Marwan Kenanah

I’ve had the pleasure of working with EBOX® on several projects. Their customer service was extremely professional and prompt. All requirements and support were done in a professional manner and it was clear that all their actions were customer-focused. I am extremely satisfied with their services and the level of support provided, and look forward to a partnership between us in the future.

Mr. Charbel Zouein

Unparalleled service and support; never have EBOX® failed us and we’re very thrilled here at Links Communication to be dealing with such a professional team. Our successful relationship kicked off a good number of years ago and we hope it will continue for a lot more. Keep up the good work and thank you for all your efforts.

BG. AbdulAziz Al-Mogbel

As a part of MNG dealing with EBOX® on multiple successful projects, I would say their customer service professionalism and fast services delivery are more up to the level of expectations. As this has been a great experience MNG is looking forward to more business with EBOX®.

Mr. Tariq Al-Omair

Working with EBOX® Solutions for the first time has been a pleasure.
Their service was excellent the first time and it just keeps getting better each time I utilize them. They are very professional. They take the time to listen to what my concerns are, they adopted them to my website and guided me to make it even better.
It has been a great experience working and seeing their professional and timely work of art.
I am very satisfied and will definitely be using their services again

Mr. Ashraf Ramadan

We have been working with EBOX® since 2013 and we have not stopped growing ever since. The team at EBOX® takes customer service seriously and it doesn’t go unnoticed! They’re quick to offer a quote or answer a question, all while offering quality work with quick turnarounds! We love working with EBOX®.

Mr. Abdulmoneim Abass Eshaikh

With all what has been said before about EBOX® I can’t say enough, and I am quite impressed with the level of job they have proposed to INMAIA. Our experience with EBOX® on the website development project has generated a well-done job that reflects a high-quality picture for our company.